What is a Gobii?

a short animated gif of a girl reading. A picture of a Gobii device

A Gobii is a digital device much like a Galaxy tablet or a Kobo reader, and is used primarily
to download movies and books that you can watch and read on the device. Though it can also do other
actions such as use Google maps and other websites, its disk-space allows for up to 6000 ebooks to be
stored at a time and it also supports any DRM PDF and ePub formats.

Because it uses the net to download the books it is easier to find nearly any written work. Instead of
having to go to a book store to buy a book which will later simply be stored in a bookshelf, it is now
possible to purchase them from the comfort of your home and it will all be stored as data, not taking
up any physical space and reducing the use of paper.